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The honor of client and professional referrals

The greatest compliment that any professional can receive is that of a referral from a satisfied client to a friend, family member or colleague. I have been privileged throughout my nearly 30 years as a licensed Real Estate Broker to have received many such referrals from happy and appreciative clients. Such referrals are the lifeblood of my business, and are truly meaningful.

Additionally, one of the truly special honors in my career as a professional Real Estate Broker is to have earned the trust, referrals and even the personal business of other professionals I have worked with, from lawyers, paralegals, vendors, and even escrow officers, all of whom work with, and are exposed every day to the large community of real estate agents. To have earned that kind of trust and respect is beyond an honor. From the respected legal professionals who not only have a fiduciary responsibility to protect their clients’ best interests, but who have also reached out to me to personally represent and protect their or their family members’ interests with the sale or purchase of their own properties. To the vendors, who do business with literally hundreds of real agents and companies who, based on our relationships, have come to me for advice and assistance to help family members, saying that there is no one they would trust more to help with their or their family’s interests. And to the well-known escrow & title professionals who work with hundreds if not thousands of real estate agents, but who reached out to me, personally, to assist their own family members – successfully in both cases – with challenging and complicated real estate transactions. I am grateful to have earned, and continue to earn your trust.

Thank you to ALL of my clients, both traditional and those with professional affiliations, for your trust and your business. Thank you for knowing and appreciating that I will aggressively and tirelessly work to maximize and protect your interests, as well as the interests of anyone you should refer to me.

Sincerely, Dave Wolloch

PS – To see a collection of my client reviews, visit or, on this site, go to “About”, then “Reviews/Testimonials”.